About A.C.M. Laboratory

Established in 1968, A.C.M. Laboratory has continuously provides NATA accredited calibration services to a variety of industries, and we have completed more than 100,000 instruments and test equipment calibrations.

A.C.M. Laboratory Pty Ltd is an independent calibration facility providing a friendly and flexible service. As we do not have a manufacturing facility, customer service is our first priority.

Our NATA accreditation and traceability is your quality and safety guarantee. Our experienced laboratory staff are professional/career metrologists, passionate and committed to the science of measurement. We are happy to discuss your measuring problems and pass on our expert knowledge and offer the best solution.

We are large enough to offer you a good coverage of dimensional, torque, force, temperature and relative humidity equipment supply and calibration, but small enough not to tie you up in red tape.

We can also supply all the equipment that we calibrate. We offer very competitive prices when purchased in conjunction with our calibration service.


Calibration at A.C.M. Laboratory is carried out in a temperature controlled environment at 20 ±0.5 ºC. The laboratory location has been carefully selected to ensure calibrations are not affected by vibration. These factors contribute to our ability to carry out high precision calibrations with resolutions down to fractions of a micron.

Precision measuring equipment coupled with the latest technology are used for calibrations and include:

  • laser interferometers
  • laser coupled gauge block tester
  • torque transducers
  • electronic engineers levels
  • high accuracy reference thermometers
  • precision polygon and auto-colimator
  • precision mechanical and electronic balances
  • state-of-the-art 3m length measuring machine etc.

A large range of reference standards are also maintained, such as reference gauge blocks, length bars, cylindrical standards, glass scales, angle gauges and masses.