Quick find what we can calibrate:

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Angle Plates
Auto Collimators
Bevel Protractors
Beveled Edge/Engineer Straight Edge
Bubble Levels/Spirit Levels/Mechanical Levels
Box/Frame Levels
Bore/Hole Gauges
Cable Tensiometer
Calliper Check Gauges/Step Gauges
Coordinate measuring machines (CMM)
Cutting Tools / Machine Tools
Carpenter Levels
Carpenter Squares
Cylindrical Standards

Dead-Weight Rubber Hardness Testers
Dead-Weight Micro-hardness Rubber Testers
Dead-Weight Testers
Depth Gauge (Vernier, Digital or Dial)
Depth Micrometers
Depth Micro Checker
Durometers (Shore A and Shore D)
Dial Gauges
Dial Gauge Calibrators
Digital Indicators
Dividing Heads and Tables/Rotary Tables
Engineer Straight Edge
Engineer Square
Eccentric Mandrels
Electronic Callipers/Digital Callipers
Electronic Depth Gauges/Digital Depth Gauges
Electronic Height Gauges/Digital Height Gauges
Electronic Indicators/Digital Indicators
Electronic Levels
Engineer Comparators
Engineer Parallels
Extensometer calibrators
External Micrometers
External Cylindrical Standards

Feeler Gauges
Fineness of Grind Gauges (FOG)
Flow Cups
Force/Push/Pull Gauges
Gauge Blocks and Accessories
Glass Scales/Microscope Calibration Slide/Stage Micrometer

Height Gauges
Height Setting Micrometers
Infrared Thermometers
Internal/Inside/Stick Micrometers
Internal Cylindrical Standards/Ring Gauges/Setting Rings
International Rubber Hardness Tester (IRHD Tester)
Jigs and Fixtures

Length Bars and Accessories
Length Measuring Machines
Laser Length Measuring Meters
Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers
Machine Tools
Measuring Tapes
Micrometer (Inside and Outside)
Micrometer Heads
Micrometer Setting Gauges
Non-contact Thermometers

Optical Flats
Optical Parallels
Optical Micrometers
Parallel Screw Plug Gauges
Parallel Screw Ring Gauges
Penetration Needles
Penetrometers and Penetration Cones
Pin Gauges
Plain Plug Gauges
Plain Ring Gauges
Plain Gap Gauges
Plastics Hardness Testers
Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT)
Position and Receiver Gauges
Precision Linear Scales
Precision projection apparatus
Precision Spirit Levels
Precision Electrical Levels
Precision Vee Blocks
Profile Gauges
Profile Projectors

Radiation Pyrometers
Resistance Thermometers
Ring Gauge (Plain, Taper)
Rubber Hardness Meters (Durometers)
Scratch Needles
Screw Plug Gauge
Setting Rods
Sine Bars and Sine Tables/Tilt Tables
Specimen Cutters for Rubber and Plastics
Steel Rules
Step Gauges/Check Gauges
Surface Plates
Surface Texture/Surface Roughness
Surface Temperature Probes
Taper Plug Gauges
Taper Ring Gauges
Taper Screw Plug Gauges
Taper Screw Ring Gauges
Test Indicators
Temperature Measurement Equipment
Temperature Loggers
Thermocouple Thermometers
Test Sieves
Thickness Gauges for Textiles, Paper, Rubber and Plastics/Micro-tester
Thread/Screw Measuring Accessories/Thread Wires
Torque Wrenches
Torque Screw Driver
Torque Transducers
Torque Testers / Torque Watch /Torque Gauge

Vee Blocks
Vernier Callipers
Vernier Depth Gauges
Vernier Height Gauges
Vicat Apparatus
Wet Film Thickness Gauges
Wheel Gauges