ACM Laboratory offers a NATA accredited service for the calibration of the bore gauges. The bore gauges are measured in environmentally (temperature) controlled (20 ± 0.5 ˚C) laboratory.

Dial (2 contact point) Types Calibration Features

  • The bore gauge assembly (including dial) is calibrated for indication accuracy, repeatability and discrimination
  • The extension rod contact points are examined for wear (flats)

Borematics/Holtest (3 contact point) Types Calibration Features

For these instruments we offer the calibration package of the setting ring gauge(s) and checking/setting of the head/s:

Setting Rings:

There are three alternatives for the calibration & supply of NATA certificates on plain ring gauges depending on your requirements, however we do recommend to use Option 2 as a minimum for bore micrometer setting rings.

  1. Measured as a setting ring (1.08.03). Diameter only to a pattern of measurement to AS1001.
  2. Diameter as per (1) as well as roundness to AS1001


Checking, setting and recording the reading of each micrometer head on its setting ring gauge. This test should be performed by the operator of the micrometer at regular intervals.

Further Information

Please contact with us to discuss your requirements and book in your order. To enable us to provide you the accurate quotation, please provide the following information: Bore gauge manufacturer, model, type, size, etc.


We also can supply setting ring gauges and bore gauges. We offer very competitive prices when purchased in conjunction with our calibration service.