ACM Laboratory offers a NATA accredited service for the calibration of the cutters. The cutters are measured in environmentally (temperature) controlled (20 ± 0.5 ˚C) laboratory using special equipment designed and built by ACM Laboratory metrologist.

Specification of Standards

We have standards covers most of common cutters. As there are so many different Standards for cutters, we may need you to send the appropriate page (cutter dimensions) from your Standard with the gauge.

Calibration and Service Features

  1. Resharpening of cutting edge.
  2. Calibration which includes checking:
    • condition of contour & sharpness of cutting edge
    • width of narrow section
    • length if required.

If you require extra dimensions to the above or major sharpening/rework is required we will quote before proceeding.

Further Information

Please contact with us to discuss your requirements and book in your order. To enable us to provide you the accurate quotation, please provide the following information: cutter type, standard, etc.