ACM Laboratory offers a NATA accredited service for the calibration of the callipers (vernier, digital or dial type). The callipers are measured in environmentally (temperature) controlled (20 ± 0.5 ˚C) laboratory.

Specification Standards

    • JIS Standard
    • AS1984

AS1984 is the Australian standard for callipers and at the moment does not specifically cover digital & dial callipers or callipers with 0,02mm divisions longer than 300mm. If your calliper(s) is(are) made by a Japanese manufacturer we have a copy of the Japanese standard which does cover this type of calliper, and if it does not interfere with your quality system requirements it would be more applicable to calibrate to the JIS standard.
We are happy to supply sample of reports done to both AS & JIS for your perusal so you can advise your preference.

Further Information

Please contact with us to discuss your requirements and book in your order. To enable us to provide you the accurate quotation, please provide the following information: Manufacturer, Model, Type, Size, and any special modifications, etc.


We also can supply variety of callipers. We offer very competitive prices when purchased in conjunction with our calibration service.