ACM Laboratory offers a NATA accredited service for the calibration of the Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). The CMM can be calibrated on site or measured in environmentally (temperature) controlled (20 ± 0.5 ˚C) laboratory using special equipment designed and built by ACM Laboratory metrologist.

Specification Standards

  • ISO 10360-2
  • ISO 10360-5

CMM Calibration Features

  • Volumetric length measuring accuracy
  • Axial length measuring accuracy
  • Probe performance over the area
  • Laser verification of scale performance for axis scales greater than 1m;

If the results of the above tests indicate a problem with the CMM we would then advise the different options available to you and quote on suitable repairs/adjustments. Please note that if you suspect any problems with your machine your early indications to us will allow us to perform the tests in the correct order to reduce your costs and time.

Further Information

Please contact with us to discuss your requirements and book in your order. To enable us to provide you the accurate quotation, please provide the following information: manufacturer, model, type, range, software, etc.


We also can supply variety of CMMs, and we offer very competitive prices when purchased in conjunction with our calibration service.