Project Description

WYLER AG Switzerland is the leading manufacturer of precision spirit levels, Clinometers, electronic inclination measuring instruments, inclination sensors and software for inclination measurement. Please visit Wyler website for more information or contact us with any enquiries regarding your measuring issues and let us recommend the best solution, and we offer very competitive prices and for most of levels we supply NATA calibration report with free of charge.

  • Inclination Sensors

    High Precision Electronic Inclination Measuring Sensors, inclination sensors with high long-term stability

  • Measuring Instruments

    Electronic Inclinometers, Digital Inclinometers, Electronic Digital Levels, Electronic Analogue Levels, High Precision Inclinometers, Digital Levels

  • Precision Spirit Levels and CLINOMETER

    Horizontal Spirit Levels, Frame Spirit Levels, Tubular Spirit Levels, Circular Levels, Clinometers