Project Description

We sell all OHAUS products and some increment details as below . Please contact us with any enquiries regarding your measuring problems and let us recommend a solution, and we offer very competitive prices when purchased in conjunction with our calibration service.

  • Bench Scales
    Defender® 5000 Washdown Bench Scales     Defender® 5000 Standard
    Defender® 3000 Stainless Steel     Defender® 3000
    Defender® 2000     Catapult® 5000 7&5 4DBMF
    SD Series
  • Counting Scales
    Ranger® 3000 Count
  • Compact Bench Scales
    Ranger® 7000 Ranger® 3000
    Valor® 7000 Valor® 4000
    Valor® 3000 Valor® 2000
    Valor® 1000 FD Series
    Catapult® 1000
  • Analytical & Precision Balances
    Explorer® Semi-Micro Balances Explorer® Analytical
    Explorer® Precision High Capacity Explorer® Precision
    Adventurer® Analytical Adventurer® Precision
    Pioneer® Semi-Micro Pioneer® Analytical
    Pioneer® Precision P3 4FSJFT
  • Portable Balances
    Scout® Touch Scout® General
    Scout® Education Scout® Jewellery
    Navigator® NV Navigator® NVT
    Traveler CX Series
    CR Series Luggage Scale